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Gazette refuses to print picture, denounces it in absentia

NAACP leader Henry Allen Jr. shows off the “bomb damage”

I finally got an e-mail back from someone at the Colorado Springs Gazette. They told me to look at their new story, Published January 13th.

The Gazette mentions that they have received some e-mails from people about the Google Street View picture. Then they denounce the picture. Except they don’t show the picture! They even disabled comments in advance for good measure.

The Gazette claims that the two black marks are “inches apart,” have a “different coloration,” and a “different shape.” Sounds like the Gazette is grasping for straws, and relying on the fact that the reader can’t see the picture in question.

The only thing different about the two marks is the shape. The current black mark is not as tall. However, it has had four months to get rained on and wash away.

Instead of showing the Google Street View picture, they reprint the ultra-vague Breaking Bad style police sketch.

E-mail the Gazette now! Demand that they print the actual picture. Let the readers decide for themselves!

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Even if someone set off some big firecrackers outside Mr. G’s Barbershop, which is next door to the NAACP office, this pales in comparison to the numerous molotov cocktails thrown at #BlackLivesMatter rallies all over the country. It pales in comparison the numerous mob attacks on white people that have occurred at these rallies. Yet many of those attacks didn’t even make local news, much less national news.

This phony “NAACP bombing” has received more news than any of the 23 buildings that were set on fire during the Ferguson riots. Many of which burned to the ground, because people fired guns at firefighters. The media is sure as hell selective about what they report on! Did you know that black rioters burned down the church that Mike Brown Sr. attends? Why wasn’t that a national news story?

Note that the old and new black marks line up perfectly with the vent and the two beams! Note that both black marks are darker on their left sides than their right sides.

From Gazette…

Since the incident, about a half dozen people have questioned The Gazette as to whether the blast occurred because a picture on Google Maps from September shows a dark stain on the northeast wall of the building near where the device exploded. The darkest part of the mark, which can be seen in the Google Maps image taken before the blast, is separated by inches from the mark caused by the Jan. 6 explosion. The two stains do not have the same shape or coloration, and the FBI has stated that the wall has “minimal surface charring.”

When asked about the claims Tuesday, Allen stated that while the FBI has not said how much damage occurred to the building’s wall, they have told him new marks were caused by the explosion.

“The FBI has concluded there was minimum damage by the explosive device,” he said. “I would caution all, pro and con, not to jump to conclusions of what was there and what wasn’t there.”

Southerland declined to comment about the attempted bombing, the extent of the marks left on the wall and questions of whether an explosion occurred.

“I don’t have any time for this nonsense,” he said Tuesday.

At the NAACP office Tuesday, Allen urged caution as people try to determine what happened and who may have been a target. But he repeatedly refuted claims that there was not an attack on the building.

“I don’t think the FBI would spend this amount of manpower and resources if they didn’t think there was a credible threat from the device,” Allen said. “I would love to think there was no one who would want to damage this building.”