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Genocidal, race war lyrics in mainstream rap music

Related: Lethal Garbage, Anti-White Rap. Originally published by American Renaissance Magazine.

Ice Cube (EMI) Rap albums have sold 11 million copies worldwide at major chain stores such as Barnes & Noble and Media Play. He also performs in the bands “Da Lench Mob” (EMI, Time Warner), and “[email protected]%%#rs With Attitude” (Sony).

Ice cube has starred in numerous movies and is usually cast as a hero. He starred in Anaconda (Sony) which grossed $65 million, and Friday (Time Warner) which grossed $27 million. He also played leading roles in The Player’s Club (Time Warner), The Glass Shield (Walt Disney), Higher Learning (Columbia) , and more. Ice Cube battles racist whites in at least three major motion pictures.

Some of the themes in Ice Cubes music are; race war, murder of white police, Nation of Islam, White people are mutants/devils/crackers, White women seduce Blacks to give them venereal diseases and falsely accuse them of rape, etc. Some of Ice Cube’s songs include sound bytes from Dr. Khallid Muhammed (see below).

The Following Are Some Song Lyrics by Ice Cube – Warning: Extremely Obscene Content

Cave B*tch
Black Korea
Buck Da Devil
When will they shoot

Note for lyrics: “Civilized” refers to Black who follow Nation of Islam theology. “Civilize an 85’er” means teach other Blacks about Nation of Islam Theology. “Cave Man” & “Cave B*tch” refer to the belief that Whites lived in caves during a time when Black Africans were building advanced civilizations and flying saucers.

Ice Cube Song Lyric Quotes…

Sent me a subpoena
Cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze – govina

please don’t bust til you see, the whites of his eyes
the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies

So pay respect to the black fist

or we’ll burn your store, right down to a crisp

White man, is somethin I tried to study
But I got my hands bloody, yeah

Ice Cube with the late Khallid Muhammad, a former National Youth Minister for the Nation of Islam and leader of the New Black Panther Party.