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German Minister of Justice demands PEGIDA cancel marches tomorrow

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, of the Socialist party, is demanding that PEGIDA cancel their planned marches for Monday. He claimed they were exploiting the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris. However, the marches were planned before the terrorist attack even occurred.

All the establishment parties, including the neo-conservative CDU, held an anti-PEGIDA rally in Dresden on Saturday. The German media is relentlessly claiming the 35,000 people attended. Pictures and video show less than half that number.

On Sunday at 2:00 AM, a German newspaper that reprinted Chairle Hebdo cartoons was firebombed.

PEGIDA rallies are planned for numerous cities in Germany. Supporters in Austria, Sweden, England, and other nations promised to hold rallies at the same time. The terrorist attacks in Paris and the ongoing Muslim violence could make Monday night an explosive turning point in the fight against the Ialamization of Europe.


German Justice Minister Heiko Maas on Sunday called on the organizers of a rally by “anti-Islamization” group PEGIDA scheduled for Monday to cancel the protest, saying the movement was capitalizing on the recent Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris.

“If the organizers had a shred of decency they would simply cancel these demonstrations,” the mass-market Bild newspaper quoted him as saying in its issue to be published Monday.

“The victims (of the Paris attacks) do not deserve to be abused by rabble-rousers like these,” he said.

“It’s just disgusting how the people behind these demos are exploiting the heinous crimes in Paris,” he added.