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Hate crime execution murder in Akron, Ohio

Akeeme Hayes, 23, has been arrested for the murder of Patrick Freeny, 54, on Jan. 5. Feeney was tied up inside of a store he owns of Exchange Street in Akron, Ohio.  The store is called Bernie’s Shaver Shop and Collectibles. Click here for more info.

The media calls this “a robbery.” The robbery was over. The victim was tied up. This can only be called a murder, motivated by a desire to kill the victim.

While the media continues to hype Mike Brown and Eric Garner, actual black on white hate crime murders appear to be accelerating.

This website has been able to document 19 black on white murders occurring in just the first 15 days of 2015!

We also have seen two shocking courtroom outbursts in row. In Michigan, a black male was sentenced to life for the double execution murders of two young white males. When asked if he wanted to apologize to family members he went on a racial tirade about Mike Brown and praised the BlackLivesMatter protests. Then, one day later, a black suspects screamed “God’s wrath is on white America” repeatedly after brutally maiming a white female in a racially motivated attack.

Two years of relentless daily media agitation over Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and others have greatly contributed to increased black on white violence in the United States. This website has documented countless racially motivated attacks, including murders, where perpetrators invoked the name of Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown.