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HYPOCRISY! French politicians vow “free speech” then ban PEGIDA march

In 2012, member of Generation Indeterminate occupied the roof of a Mosque. The group’s president says that French people will have to get creative, because of French do not have free speech rights.

Members of the establishment French political parties banned PEGIDA from marching in Paris. The same city where French leaders recently marched to proclaim their love of free speech.

Politicians in Paris denounced PEGIDA as “Islamophobic.”

PEGIDA was scheduled to march and rally in Paris on January 19th.

PEGIDA leaders held a press conference in Paris on January 19th to denounce the hypocrisy of the Paris political establishment.┬áRenaud Camus, a well known author spoke. Camus is famous for coining the French term “Grand Remplacement,” in reference to mass immigration.

PEGIDA leaders told media that their supporters come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but are united in their opposition to the Islamization of France.

Supporters of PEGIDA gathered in other cities to discuss strategy. Generation Identitaire president, Fabrice Robert told the media that French people will have to get very creative to be heard. In 2012, Fabrice Robert led a group of young Frenchmen who occupied the roof of a Mosque.

On January 19th, PEGIDA did hold their first ever marches in Norway and Denmark.

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