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Irish tourist shot in New Orleans

white-victimThe American tourist industry took another blow. An Irish tourist was shot in New Orleans by a black male. The victim survived and is recovering in the hospital.

Florida saw a dramatic rise in attacks on tourists when they began letting citizens carry concealed handguns.

From Times-Picayune…

An off-duty Irish police officer was the victim inTuesday morning’s shooting in the 7th Ward, according to various media reports in Ireland. The Irish Mirror said the man is now in intensive care.

New Orleans police said the shooting took place near the intersection of New Orleans Street and North Tonti Street around 5:40 a.m. Tuesday (Jan. 27).

The Irish Daily Mirror said Officer Brian Hanrahan was visiting New Orleans as part of a road trip with his father, who lives in Missouri.

NOPD said the 30-year-old victim, whom Irish media have identified as Hanrahan, was approached by a gunman in the 2200 block of New Orleans Street. The gunman demanded money, and the victim refused.

NOPD said the gunman then shot the victim and fled. Hanrahan, according to The Irish Daily Mirror, was shot in the lower back and leg.