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Is black on white murder on the rise?


Khrista Ibarolle was leaving her own birthday party at a pub, when a black male shot and killed her.

One white on black murder is a national news story. Where is the media outrage for black on white murder?

This website has been trying to create the most comprehensive picture of black on white murder in the United States. We have identified 370 black on white murders occurring in 2014. These are just the ones we know about. A majority of these murders are committed against people who did not know the perpetrator.

So far, we have already identified 18 black on white murders in the first 15 days of 2015. Once again, these are just the ones we know about. Most of the victims did not know their killer.

1/15/15 – Four black males killed a mother and daughter in a home invasion in Haines City, FL.

Patricia Moran, 72
Deborah Royal, 52

1/13/15 – Tina Bond, 44, was strangled to death by a black male in Cincinnati, OH. The suspect is said to be a close friend.

1/13/15 – Nicholas Grant, 16, was beaten to death by two black teenagers inside a group home in Carrick, PA. The suspects are 15 and 16.

1/11/15- Kody Zawalski, 20, was killed by two black males who invaded his home in Lakeland, FL. Three other people were injured.

1/10/15 –  Stephanie Waters, 21, was killed execution style by two black males in Blair County, PA. The suspects are 15 and 16. They also killed her dog.

1/9/15 – A black male killed two step-siblings at an apartment in Kingsport, TN.

Dylan W. Ferguson, 18
Amber CheRee Purifoy, 23

1/8/10 – A black male shot and killed a white couple in Charlotte, NC.

Donald Ray Matthews, 52
Jeanila Adams, 44

1/7/15 – Carolyn Temple, 69, was shot by two black males in Belhaven, MS. She died a few days later.

1/7/15 – Khrista Ibarolle was shot and killed by a black male in a parking lot in El Dorado Hills, CA. A second female victim was also attacked.

1/7/15 – Gale Haltom, 58, was killed by a black homeless man that he was trying to provide assistance to in Indianapolis, IN.

1/5/15 – A black male shot three neighbors at his apartment complex in South Bend, IN. Two of the victims died.

Robert Duke, 46
Michelle Blankenship, 43

1/5/15 – Jerome P. Harte, 60, was murdered by a group of black men and women in Fort Lauderdale, FL

1/4/15 – Kathy Shines, 54, was raped and murdered and thrown into a dumpster behind a bar is Las Vegas, NV. The suspect is a black male with a vast criminal record.

1/3/15 – Jon Bieker, 44, was shot and killed by three black males inside a gun store he owned in Shawnee, KS. His wife was also shot and wounded. All three perpetrators were shot, but survived.