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Italian state of Lombardy debates ban on new Muslim places of worship

There is a HUGE amount of false information on the net concerning this bill. Some say it was already passed by the entire country of Italy. Some say it will also ban new Synagogues and Evangelical Christian churches. Some say it is just for the city of Milan. All of these are false.

The northern Italian state of Lombardy is debating a new bill that would essentially ban the building of new Mosques. The law would make it extremely difficult to build new places of worship if the religion is not recognized by the Italian national government. The main religion not recognized is Islam. The bill is intended to halt the rapid Islamization of the region. The bill also calls for increased surveillance of existing Mosque to keep tabs on possible Jihadist activity.

The bill has passed preliminary steps and is expected to be voted on by the full assembly on Tuesday, January 27th. A smaller body, known as a “commission,” already voted in favor of the bill.

The bill is designed to protect the Italian and Catholic character of the state of Lombardy in much the same way that Israel is increasingly taken action to preserve the Jewish character of Israel.

The party behind the effort is the League of the North (Lega Nord), the conservative Northern Italian secessionist party. The governing body of Lombardy is the Council of Lombardy with 80 seats. Lega Nord control 27 of those seats. It is the largest party and a member of the ruling coalition. The second largest party is the People of Freedom, a center-right party with 19 seats. The right-wing National alliance also holds 2 seats.

All together, the Lega Nord run ruling coalition holds 61.25% of the seats. The bill is widely expected to pass the full assembly.

The Lega Nord has held massive marches against Islamization in Milan, the capitol city of Lombardy.

The Catholic church is protected by the Italian constitution. There are also eleven other religions recognized by the government of Italy:

Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches
Evangelical Christian Churches Assemblies of God in Italy
Italian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Christian Churches
Union of Jewish Communities in Italy
Evangelical Reformed Baptist Churches in Italy
Lutheran Evangelical Church in Italy
Holy Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy and Exarchate of Southern Europe
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy
Apostolic Church in Italy
Italian Buddhist Union
Italian Hindu Union