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Latino militants demand Newspaper censor the word “illegal”

Latino militants, and even other California “mainstream” media outlets, are denouncing the Santa Barbara News-Press for using the term “illegals.”

The article came out on January 3rd. The office of the newspaper was vandalized shortly after. On January 9th, over 100 Latino militants demonstrated in front of the newspaper’s office. They accused the paper of being “racist” and demanding that the word “illegal” be censored.

The left is also asking the Associated Press to threaten the newspaper’s membership.

Supporters of the paper are calling the Santa Barbara News-Press a champion of free speech and comparing it to Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The editor of the Santa Barbara News-Press is standing his ground and refusing to apologize.

From Laist…

In an article published Friday, the News-Press said that Don Katich, director of news operations, had released a statement this week, defending the use of the word.

In the statement, Katich said the word was an “appropriate term in describing someone as illegal if they are in this country illegally,” adding that the News-Press has used the word for 10 years.

“Ours is a system of laws, a system so valued that people from around the world – including many from lawless nations – flock here,”  he wrote in the statement.

He concluded his statement in saying, “When breaking the law becomes the norm, America is no better than other lawless nations.”

The article went on and broke down how and why Associated Press style is used, saying its members aren’t obligated to follow it.

The AP Stylebook says the preferred use of the word “illegal” “should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.”

Newspapers are rapidly dying and going out of business in the USA. If newspapers are to survive they must defy the current cookie-cutter left-wing politically correct format that virtually all newspapers conform to.