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Live feed of PEGIDA rally in Leipzig


Update: The rally has now ended, but you can still watch the entire video.

A photo of PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann, apparently dressed as Hitler during a college era gag, was the biggest news story in Europe today. The media pulled every stop to derail the PEGIDA protest movement.

Bachmann resigned as leader to protect PEGIDA supporters.

Nevertheless, PEGIDA broke new ground today. They held a massive rally in the German city of Leipzig.

Last Monday, January 19th, PEGIDA held marches in Munich and Berlin, as well as Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

A march was also scheduled in Paris, France on January 19th, but city officials banned it from taking place. France has some of the most draconian restrictions on freedom of speech in Europe.

The RT Live feed of PEGIDA rally in Leipzig has now ended. After pressing play, you have to restart the video.