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Major black rap star calls on blacks to kill white people with witchcraft

Big name black female rap star Azaelia Banks called on black people to use witchcraft to kill white people.

Azealia Banks posted a series of tweets claiming that Blacks and Jews are magical. She said white “Aryans” have no magic and oppress blacks and Jews out of jealously. She called on black people to harness their magical powers to kill white people.

Azealia Banks refers to her style of music as “witch hop.”

Azealia Banks is signed by Interscope Records, the same label that handles Madonna and Lady Gaga. She is currently one of the most high profile artists on the label. Last year she was nominated for awards by BET, Billboard, and NME.

She has been in celebrity gossip publications for her public attacks on white female rap star Iggy Azalea.

Some of her tweets from January 12th, 2014:

“black people are naturally born SEERS, DIVINERS, WITCHES AND WIZARDS.”

“we have REAL supernatural powers, and the sooner we ALL learn to cultivate them and access the them, the sooner we can REALLY fix shit.”

“Seriously, once all YALL black people learn how to kill+sicken people without actually touching them the sooner we really get from under …¬†Whiteys foot…. Yall niggas think I’m playing.”

“I don’t give a fuck if yall think I’m crazy, I know what I’m talking about,”

“It’s time to make them Pay.”

“So for today in crackers ain’t shit news……”

“Daily mail ain’t shit for that… They just want to make AFRICA look like it’s all destitute when in reality Nigeria is developed.”

“2nd Amendment For Whites Only? Conservatives Freak Out Over New Black Panthers Carrying Guns”