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Mother/daughter arrested for racially motivated attack on woman holding a baby

Augusta-GA-Hate-CrimeUpdate: A reader sent us a partial scan of the actual article from the Augusta version of Jail Report. The crime was even much worse than we thought. ShaQuille Wheeler’s mother, Betty Wheeler, also participated in the attack. The victim is only 18 and was injured pretty badly. Click the image at the right to blow up the article.

This was the featured story in the Augusta, Georgia version of Jail Report. However, it was totally blacked out in the local Augusta, Georgia media!

ShaQuille Wheeler was arrested for an alleged racially motivated attack. She is an employee at the Augusta, Georgia ROSS apparel store. The victim of the assault is a white female who was holding a baby when she was attacked.

Multiple eyewitnesses say that ShaQuille Wheeler called the victim “white bitch,” indicating that racial hatred was the motive.

If the races were reversed, this would be the Augusta, GA story of the month.