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Memorial Wall 2015 launched

For more on black on white violence in America, click here.

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Click here for our 2015 memorial wall.

Khrista Ibarolle was shot and killed by a black male as she left a bar. She hah been attending her own birthday party.

We are launching our memorial wall for black on white murders occurring in 2015

Tally: 5

Thrill Killing: 2
Thrill Kill + Rape: 1
Thrill Kill + Robbery/Carjacking: 1
Killed while working at a store: 1

1/7/15 – Khrista Ibarolle was shot and killed by a black male in a parking lot in El Dorado Hills, CA. A second female victim was also attacked.

1/5/15 – A black male shot three neighbors at his apartment complex in South Bend, IN. Two of the victims died.

Robert Duke, 46
Michelle Blankenship, 43

1/4/15 – Kathy Shines, 54, was raped and murdered and thrown into a dumpster behind a bar is Las Vegas, NV. The suspect is a black male with a vast criminal record.

1/3/15 – Jon Bieker, 44, was shot and killed by three black males inside a gun store he owned in Shawnee, KS. His wife was also shot and wounded. All three perpetrators were shot, but survived.

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