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Merkel’s support for Muslim immigration could transform German politics

PEGIDA is a single issue protest movement against the Islamization of Europe. It has sprung up literally overnight and is now holding weekly marches with thousands of people.

The protest movement started earlier this year when rival fan clubs for professional Soccer Teams starting holding rallies against radical Islam. They call themselves Hooligans Against Salafism [HoGeSa]. The activists closely resembled EDL activists in Britain. The success of HoGeSa shocked, probably even themselves. Within weeks, thousands of people were attending their marches. Now under the banner of PEGIDA, there are marches with over ten thousand people.

Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, used her New Year’s Eve address to denounce PEGIDA and endorse continued Muslim immigration. She is from the Christian Democrat party, which is similar to American Neo-conservatives.

However, a new poll shows that 29% of Germans are sympathetic to PEGIDA, and 13% of all Germans say they would participate in a march if it was held in their city.

The problem for Merkel and her Christian Democrat party is that PEGIDA is supported by minor conservative parties. The biggest of which is Alternative for Germany [AfD]. This party was literally modeled after Britain’s UKIP and has even had Nigel Farange in Germany to speak to their members.

Muslim violence is exploding all over Europe. “Jihad Colonists” are setting up no-go zones with Sharia patrols. Merkel is clearly positioning herself, and her party, as the face of Muslim immigration. Christian Democrats could soon see a mass defection of members and voters to AfD, the same way that Tories are defecting en mass to UKIP.

In 2014, Germany was hit by an unprecedented 200,000 “asylum seekers.” This basically means they were illegal aliens. Under EU law they are allowed to apply for asylum and Germany has to let them stay and receive welfare while their cases are processed.