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Murder of African immigrant in Dresden was another hate crime hoax

On January 13th, an “asylum seeker” (aka illegal alien) was found stabbed to death in Dresden. The German media went bonkers blaming PEGIDA and the “right-wing” for the murder.

African immigrants and far-left German groups held a march and carried signs reading “Ich bin Khaled.”

Now, the victim’s roommate has been arrested for the murder. He is another African asylum seeker. None of the media is apologizing to PEGIDA for their fake stories. They are simply dropping it.

This is how the “mainstream” media works. A hoax gets massive national coverage. When it is exposed as a hoax, the media simply drops it. The same thing just happened in the USA with the phony “NAACP Bombing” story.


Under the slogan “Rights and security for refugees – in memory of Khaled,” the march on Saturday aimed not only to remember Khaled I., but also to show a sign of solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees in Dresden, particularly in light of an apparent increase in xenophobic sentiment in recent months.

Following in the footsteps of mourners across the world who last weekend remembered the Paris attack victims with the slogan “Je suis Charlie,” many of those marching in memory of Khaled I. on Saturday were seen holding signs bearing the words “Ich bin Khaled” (I am Khaled).

Amid claims that Khaled I.’s stabbing could have been racially motivated, the participants at the march also demanded an explanation for his death and criticized the anti-Islamization group PEGIDA, which the marchers accuse of turning Dresden into a “center of xenophobia.”

The PEGIDA protest movement, which loosely translates as “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West” has grown in popularity across Germany over the past 13 weeks. In most cities, counterdemonstrators have outnumbered PEGIDA. However, at the group’s most recentDresden rally on Monday, a record 25,000 PEGIDA supporters marched through Saxony’s capital.

Not a single media outlet has apologized, or likely ever will, for falsely blaming PEGIDA for a murder committed by an African immigrant.