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My son is no killer, he only robs people!

Earlier we reported on the hate crime style murder of a Mississippi woman by a group of black teenage males.

One of the suspect’s mother is defending her son. However, her own defense is pretty incriminating.

Three black male teenagers are accused of murdering Carolyn Temple. They are also connected to five carjackings and other crimes.

MS News Now…

Our crew says that Moore’s mother was very emotional as she came to her son’s defense.

“My son is known for house burglary. That’s all. He’s been going to the Juvenile Center for his house burglary,” Sharonda Burns told us. “For one, my son is not going to shoot no gun. Now, I’m not saying he won’t rob nobody, but I know he won’t shoot no gun. He was not there the time the lady got attacked. I know for a fact where he was. He was not involved in that murder.” – Jackson, MS