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NAACP office suffers minor vandalism, instant national news story

A balding white male in his 40s allegedly set off a small homemade explosive next to an NAACP office in Colorado.

This became an instant national news story. White Marxists and Black Power activists are denouncing it on social media as a “terrorist attack.”

Meanwhile, daily occurring racially motivated black on white violence is censored.

Reporter James Queally reported that “minor damage” was caused. Queally’s article, written for the LA Times, is driving a lot of the other press coverage. Behold the “minor damage.” It looks like a large firecracker went off. The so-called “damage” probably wouldn’t survive the next heavy rain storm.

Queally used to work for the Newark Star-Ledger and openly confessed to me about engaging in race-based manipulation of the news. After multiple racially motivated black on white mob attacks in Newark, Queally censored the race of the attackers in his articles. When I called Queally, he told me he did it on purpose and that it was his job to decide what information the public receives.

Now we see Queally reporting on a firecracker “hate crime” that occurred 1,000 miles from the city he was reporting in. He made sure to put that the suspect is “a white male” at the top of his article. Queally wrote “hate crime” in the headline. Queally sure has a double standard. Censor racially motivated black on white mob attacks in the very city he was supposed to be the “crime reporter” for. Then hype firecracker vandalism as a major racial hate crime for the national news section.

When racially motivated black on white mob attacks and black on white murders are censored, but a big firecracker is national news, who can say that the coverage is not manipulated on purpose?