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NAACP protests Confederate memorial ceremony in Baltimore

As recently as 2000, the NAACP was pledging that they would never attack Confederate symbols located in a Cemetery or a Museum. They claimed that even though they protested Confederate symbols everywhere else, they would draw the line at museums and cemeteries. A few years later the NAACP started aggressively protesting Confederate symbols at both cemeteries and museums.

On January 17th, the Baltimore NAACP not only protested at a museum, they protested a memorial ceremony at a museum. It was a scene that strongly resembled the funeral protests of the Westboro Baptist Church.

About fifty members of the Baltimore NAACP and a Baltimore Quaker group protested an annual Confederate memorial ceremony at the Lee-Jackson monument near the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The event was organized by Maryland Division United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388 Sons of Confederate Veterans. About one hundred people attended. The event has been held every year for over 60 years.

Quakers are a tiny, dwindling church that has always been at the forefront of radical left-wing causes for the past two hundred years of American history. The church is also known as “Religious Society of Friends.”