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NBPP leader sued for defamation

Quanell X is a convicted crack dealer and a leader for the New Black Panther Party [NBPP]. Most of the Houston media treats him with kid gloves and never mentions that his group advocates race war. Notice in the video below, the Houston NBC station refers to him as “Community Leader Quanell X.”

Quanell X and the NBPP waged a campaign of hatred and intimidation against a white teacher and Ray K. Daily Elementary School. The school is only 15% white.

The teacher had the audacity to appear on youtube videos that advocated for conservative causes.

Note: The term New Black Muslims is just an alternative name for NBPP, because former leaders of the original Black Panthers have sued the group for the rights to the name.

From Click2Houston…

The former teacher who resigned from her position at an elementary school amid allegations of teaching hate and racism in her classroom has filed a defamation lawsuit against community activist Quanell X, the New Black Panther Nation and the New Black Muslim Movement, Inc.

Angela Box was a third-grade teacher at Ray K. Daily Elementary School. At the time, she also served as a panelist on the conservative Internet show “Tommy’s Garage.”

A press release was sent out claiming Box referred to President Barack Obama as “a [expletive] [N-word] and black people dumb ass for voting for him.”  Quanell X expressed concern because Box was still in the classroom teaching black children.

On Nov. 14, Quanell X held a press conference in front of Daily Elementary, demanding she be removed from her position for what he called bigoted and racist remarks.

Box said the press conference created a hostile work environment and left her no choice but to end her employment as a teacher, adding that she felt she would never find employment as an educator again.

Quanell X scream anti-white racial slurs live on the Houston FOX station.