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No criminal charges for videotaping themselves committing a mob attack

Cheyanne Willis is a 19 year old white female from Cincinnati. Her black boyfriend set her up to be attacked by a group of six black females. They beat her senseless. Then they took pictures and video. Cut her hair. Then they signed their names on her forehead in eyeliner. They they bragged about the assault on Facebook.

The victim was hospitalized with a concussion.

The also took $50 out of her purse and stole her cellphone.

It was reported earlier that two people had been arrested. Now the Cincinnati media is claiming that no charges have been filed.

According to police, two of the black females and the black boyfriend are only being charged with robbery. They are not being charged with assault.

The radical left and black power groups are constantly claiming that black perpetrators are prosecuted and sentenced more aggressively than white perpetrators. This is never backed up by reality.

Notice that WCPO describes the pre-meditated mob attack as “a fight breaks out.”