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Obama’s daughter sports t-shirt for Marxist/Anti-White rap music “collective”

Remember when white liberals were saying that voting for Obama would give black people “a positive role model.”

Malia Obama posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a t-shirt promoting “Pro – Era,” a gangster rap/hip hop  “collective.”

Pro-Era, which stands for Progressive Era,  is signed with Cinematic Music Group.

The outfit is openly Marxist and openly anti-White. It features violent gangster rapper “Joey Bada$$,” the foul mouthed “Dirty Sanchez,” and others.

The “collective” was founded by rapper Capitol STEEZ. His fist album was called “AmeriKKKan Korruption.” STEEZ committed suicide shortly after at age 19.

The current star of the “Collective” is Joey Bada$$, who was arrested last week in Australia. He is accused of punching a security guard and breaking his nose.

Pro-Era lyrics are borderline gibberish with Marxist, anti-Police, and anti-White MEMEs thrown in.

Pro-Era once produced stickers that were deliberately designed to look like a neo-Nazi group as a publicity stunt. The stickers features a “wolfsangle,” an element of European heraldry, combined with elements of the Nazi Party flag.

The photo of Malia  is now being used by Pro-Era to sell t-shirts.

Pro-Era artwork on one of their albums. Co-founder Capitol STEEZ is depicted as Jesus Christ.

Pro-Era members vandalized NYC with these stickers as a publicity stunt in 2012.