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Open letter to Colorado Springs Gazette

NAACP-BombingTo Dan Steever. Kasandro Cloos, Lisa Walton, and the editorial staff at the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The Colorado Springs Gazette has now published numerous articles about the alleged “bombing” of the NAACP office. Your website shows ten articles, three videos, and one staff editorial on the so-called “bombing.”

You may now be aware that Google Maps has a photograph, dated September 2014, that shows the alleged damage already existed four months ago.

If you are not aware, please look at Google Maps yourself.

Here is a direct link:…/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s11UL0vz4y0wyjy…

This new evidence conclusively demonstrates that the black mark is not the result of a “bombing” or even an “attempted bombing.”

The black mark is most likely the result of the roof above that spot being different, and creating a stain.

I realize that this has been a major bonanza of web traffic for you. You even doctored up your original article to make it sound far more sensational. It has now been admitted, by the Gazette twitter account, that the article was doctored. It was changed from describing a “possible” attack on a barbershop to an actual attack on the NAACP office. Your own diagram published in the Gazette showed that the black mark is on the barbershop, with the NAACP shop being on the other side of the building. I know that newspapers are dying out and you are desperate for web traffic to generate ad revenue. However, it is time to get real and act like real journalists.

I would like to know when you are going to report on the four month old photograph showing that the black stain already existed?

Kyle Rogers,