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Over 20,000 people rally against Islam in Dresden

Monday night was the first round of protests against the Islamization of Germany.

People marched in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, and other cities.

In Dresden, which has become the center of the protest movement, over 20,000 people rallied.

Members of the Socialist party and other extreme-left groups also held marchers calling for increased Muslim immigration.

PEGIDA vowed to hold weekly protests. Supporters in neighboring countries have announced that they will start holding marches as well.

Massive protests against immigration and Islamization have also been seen in Italy in recent months. In Sweden, the Socialist regime recently made it virtually illegal to criticize Muslim immigration. Some say they will violate the law to hold democratic protests in that country.

Much of the German media censored PEGIDA marches and only reported on far-left marches, exaggerating their numbers. However, France 24 reported that success of Monday’s marches were a huge blow to Merkel.

In Cologne the Municipal Power Company allegedly shut down electricity along the parade route, on purpose, to try to hurt the march. In Berlin, city officials shut down floodlights for the Gates of Brandenburg. In Dresden, a Volkswagon factory turned off it’s lights to show solidarity for Muslims.

The protest movement PEGIDA is being supported by the political parties Alternative For Deutschland, Pro – NRW, and Pro- Deutschland. As well as the sub-protest movement Hooligans Against Salafism [HoGeSa].

A recent poll showed that 29% of all Germans are sympathetic to PEGIDA and 13% of Germans say they would march if a protest was held in their city.

Demonstration in Berlin

CNN International, note that CNN claims this was the first protest in Cologne. The protests started in Cologne. Then the Interior Minister of Germany claims that demonstrations have been a failure outside of Dresden. This is also blatantly false. In fact the Minister seems to be speaking pure gibberish, calling Islam “a code-word for globalization and modernization.” The CNN host suggests that PEGIDA should not even be allowed to hold marches.

About a month ago, protesters marched against a planned Asylum Center in Leipzig. About one hundred people participated. Members of far-left groups gathered to scream hysterically.

The banner says School Children Before Asylum Seekers. An “Asylum Seeker” is essentially the EU version of an illegal alien, since EU law demands that anyone who can reach the country and apply for asylum has to be allowed to stay while their application is processed.