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Pastor targeted by the SPLC shoots and kills home invader

white-victimReverend Tom Vineyard is the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Vineyard and his church are currently being targeted by the SPLC, which is demonizing the entire church as a “hate group.”

The Church is under attack from the SPLC for opposing homosexual marriage. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok has compared opposition to gay marriage to being like the KKK.

The church operates their own school, complete with after-school sports. Tom Vineyard published this open letter about the SPLC on the church website.

Vineyard has multiple signs warning “Nothing on this property is worth your life.” However, on December 22, 2014, a gangbanger ignored the signs and invaded the home. He was shot and killed. The perpetrator is a very large fourteen year old black male. Some are describing the perp as “a Mike Brown look-a-like.”

On December 2nd, a writer for the SPLC was murdered at random by two black males in Oakland. That man, David Ruenzel, was a celebrated “White Privilege” writer. It is ironic that in such a short amount of time, a white man being demonized by the SPLC, and a white man writing for the SPLC have both been attacked by black perpetrators. The SPLC claims blacks are under attack from white people, not the other way around! Fortunately, Vineyard had a handgun at the ready and was able to successfully fight back.