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PEGIDA frontman resigns over picture of Hitler

PEGIDA has humiliated the establishment German political parties by repeatedly getting tens of thousands of people to march against Muslim immigration.

Last Monday, the state police in Saxony claimed ISIS members were planning to bomb a PEGIDA demonstration and kill PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann. The PEGIDA demonstration, which was planned for Dresden, was cancelled.

Now, the media has obtained a photo of Lutz Bachmann apparently dressed like Hitler. The picture was taken during a gag from when Bachamann was in college. In an effort to demonize PEGIDA, the photo was turned into the single biggest news story in Europe today.

Lutz Bachmann announced he was stepping down so the media couldn’t use it against PEGIDA supporters.

The left-wing in Germany is also calling for Bachmann to be prosecuted for “hate speech” over comments he made about Muslim immigrants on Facebook.