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PEGIDA march in Dresden cancelled over alleged ISIS terror plot

Lutz-BachmannThe Saxony state police force say that foreign intelligence agencies have warned them of a credible bomb threat against a planned march in Dresden on January 19th.

The threat is specifically against Lutz Bachmann, one of the founders of PEGIDA. ISIS leaders have allegedly called for the murder of Bachmann.

While Bachmann said he is willing to die, the march was cancelled to protect marchers from becoming collateral damage in any attempt on Bachmann’s life.

PEGIDA opposes the Islamization of Europe and has been attracting tens of thousands of people to it’s marches in Dresden.

It is widely expected that ISIS will attempt a grand terrorist attack in Europe to compete with the attack on Charlie Hebdo. The men who killed eleven Charlie Hebdo employees and a French cop were trained in Yemen by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula [AQAP]. The attack has put Al-Qaeda back on the international scene. While some Al-Qaeda units may be working with ISIS now, there is still an intense public rivalry between ISIS and AQAP.

Lutz Bachmann speaking in Dresden