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Pregnant German girl burned alive by Turkish immigrants

A 19 year old pregnant German girl was burned alive in a park in Berlin. The suspects are two Turkish men. The victim, known only as Maria P., was dating one of the suspects.

Police believe that the main suspect, who is also 19, demanded she get an abortion. When she refused, she was stabbed and then burned alive. They covered the charred body with pine needles. A man discovered the corpse the next day while walking his dog. The Coroner says the baby was nearly full term.

The murder is reminiscent of honor killings in some parts of the Islamic world.

The suspects live in Neukölln, an inner city borough of Berlin. Much of the population are immigrants from Turkey and Russia.

The German media barely mentioned the killing. Critics say anti-Islamic vandalism is a major national news story, but murders committed by Muslim immigrants receive almost no press.

Source (In German)