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Pregnant woman brutalized in hate crime mob attack

A nurse, who is six months pregnant, was brutally attacked by two black males in Baltimore. The attack occurred in a neighborhood that is 69% white, 18% Asian, and 7% black. However, the attack occurred near Greenmount Avenue. On the other side of Geeenmount Avenue, it is 79% black.

The media is not reporting the race of the victim.

From Baltimore Sun…

Police said a 5-foot-10, 150-pound, black teenager who appeared to be 16 or 17 in a longsleeve camoflauge shirt punched the woman at least three or four times. The attacker stole the woman’s keys, iPhone 4 and bank card before fleeing, the police report said. A second teen was standing lookout, the woman told police. She could not describe him in detail.

Police said the woman suffered a welt over her left eye and listed her in “good” condition. She was not hospitalized, the report said, and declined treatement. Her husband later took her to a hospital for a checkup. The bank card was found near the attack, the police report said.

“Everyone is taking this very seriously,” the association security alert said, noting that Baltimore councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke has been informed of the attack and that Maj. Kim Burrus, the commander of the Northern District police station, has pledged additional police presence in the area.