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#BlackLivesMatter crowd protests NAACP in Colorado

Photo from the Colorado Springs Gazette

Supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” protests, turned their attention to the NAACP in Colorado Springs.

A woman name Margarita Stokes led a group of protesters in front of the Colorado Springs, CO office of the NAACP. She told the Gazette that she wanted to use Martin Luther King day to urge the NAACP to get more involved with Social Justice issues.

She said that the NAACP has lost its relevancy and that the alleged “bombing” was a distraction.

One of the protesters said that the NAACP is committing “injustices against black people,” and “riding on the back of Martin Luther King.” He said he was there to reclaim the Martin Luther King holiday.

The office was given national publicity when local NAACP leader Allen Henry Jr. claimed a black surface stain on an exterior wall was “bomb damage.” The Colorado Spring Gazette had reported that a suspicious “loud boom” occurred outside a barbershop. Later they doctored their story to claim a bombing had occurred and that the NAACP office, on the opposite side of the building, could have been targeted. Major media outlets, like MSNBC, then reported that the NAACP had been bombed.

The entire thing was exposed as a hoax, when the “bomb damage” was discovered in images on Google Maps that were four months old.

When the hoax was busted, the media simply fell silent. To date, no mainline media outlet has published the Google Maps image showing that the “damage” was at least four months old. The media wants people to continue to think that the NAACP really suffered an attack.