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Ralph Weems still hospitalized five months after Mike Brown revenge attack

On Agust 23rd, Ralph Weems was the victim of a brutal racially motivated mob lynching. Weems is white and the perpetrators are all black. The perps had been watching coverage of Mike Brown on a tv at a Huddle House.

Two white males stopped at the Waffle House in West Point, MS, a majority black town. An older black male approached one of them and warned him not to go in. He told him that the crowd was whipped up into a frenzy over the Mike Brown media coverage and are looking to attack a white person.

It was too late, Weems had already gone inside. Black customers began menacing him and management called the police. After police arrived, the two white males drove up the road to a Huddle House with only a few customers. However, the group from the Waffle House followed them.

Ralph Weems was brutally lynched in the parking lot of the Huddle House by up to twenty black males. He suffered serious brain damage and was in a coma for weeks. He was moved to a rehab center a month after the attack.

The black police chief of West Point lied to the press about the attack to try to cover it up. The media aggressively downplayed the attack. It took weeks for the media to admit that a near fatal attack even occurred.

From Clarion-Ledger…

The FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation were brought in early in the case in order to help determine if the crime was able to be prosecuted as a hate crime. At this point, there is still no word on whether the case has been taken to a grand jury or not.

In September, Weems was moved to a VA facility in Texas that could address his specific needs. Weems’ family is tight-lipped about his condition, but his father said he is getting better, slowly but surely.

“Without getting into too much detail, he’s physically made a lot of improvements,” said his father, Ralph Weems III. “Traumatic brain injury takes a long time to recover in a lot of different ways. He’s not coming home anytime soon.”

Before Weems was transferred to Texas, the administrator of a Facebook group called “Standing Up For Ralph Weems” said that time in the Marines may have prepared him a little for the fight that lies ahead.

“The rehab facility he is going to will push him harder than he has been pushed in years,” it reads. “It’s kinda like he’s going through Boot Camp all over again. But he made it through it once before, there is no doubt that he will do it again.”

A site set up for Weems said there are other sites the family is looking at for continuing his recovery, one in Arkansas and one in Louisiana.

“He is waiting on recommendations from doctors about where to go next to complete the next stage of recovery. There are two options out there,” the page said.

Weems’ father said people have been very supportive of him in his struggle.

“We’ve been supported by the community very well,” he said. “I can only tell you that the prayers of so many have been a very humbling experience.”

At this point, Weems’ family doesn’t want to talk specifically about his recovery process.

“All things considered he’s doing pretty well, but he’s still got a long way to go,” Weems’ father said.