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SA Deputy Agriculture Minister demands that media censor farm murders

White farmers are being murdered in South Africa at a shockingly high rate. The ANC and other parties openly encourage the murders with violent songs like “Kill the Boer.” However the Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele, an ANC member, is demanding that the media not report the race of farm victims.

Bheki Cele is the former Police Commissioner of South Africa. In 2012, he was fired for corruption. He was the second person in a row to be fired from the job for corruption.

From News24…

Earlier this week, Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele said farm killings were not racially motivated.

“We are urging everybody, starting with the media and everybody – take the race issue out of farm murders,” Cele said.

“The people that are being killed are farmers… Whether they are white, black, yellow, green or purple, we have seen farmers coming under attack and we treat it as such,” he said, adding that his department took the killings seriously.

On Thursday, Van Zyl said analysis showed that the majority of murdered victims were white.

“We don’t want to racialise it. My figures indicate that farmers, black and white, are the single greatest group within the murdered victims’ environment,” he said.

“All we are saying is that the vast majority of murder victims in the country are farmers. If we analyse the victims, the majority are white farmers.”

Cele said the agriculture department had a limited role in combating the murders.

“Agriculture cannot say we will arrest those that kill the farmers. We wish we could, but we can’t. We cannot say we will shoot them,” said the former police commissioner.

On Tuesday Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana acknowledged that the farm attacks were a worrying trend and suggested a forum of farmers, farm workers and farm communities to harmonise relations.