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Seattle crucifies white female officer to appease Black Power Industry

Man-yelling-at-white-womanA female Seattle police officer has been suspended for 15 days without pay. Her offense is calling a fleeing, potentially violent suspect “boy” back in 2013. The department declared that “boy” was an offensive “racial slur.”

The department is trying to prove to the Black Power Industry that it is cracking down on it’s officers. Seattle has been the scene of violent protests and rioting by the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

The protests have rekindled fears of a repeat of the black race riot of February, 2001. Hundreds of young black males and females attacked a City Mardi Gras festival. A young white male was beaten to death and several other young white victims, including women, suffered serious injuries in mob attacks.

Many of the perpetrators of the 2001 racial violence claimed they were protesting the lack of music by black performers.

The Seattle Police department is crucifying this female officer for a completely non-existent offense to try to pacify the #BlackLivesMatter protesters. After the 2001 riot, a Seattle cop told the media that he was safer “sitting under a tree doing a crossword puzzle” than doing his job. He said any encounter with a black suspect could potentially end any officers’ career.


A white Seattle police officer was suspended for 15 days without pay after using racially-charged language while pursuing a black domestic violence suspect downtown.

The police union will appeal the punishment, calling it “too severe.” Meanwhile, the department said the incident demonstrates that it is committed to holding officers accountable for their actions.

In-car video obtained by KIRO Radio shows Officer Jennifer Hunt pursuing a black male near Fourth Avenue and Union Street on October 7, 2013. The suspect, 32-year-old Kimo M. Warren, was being sought for a domestic violence incident.

Several minutes into the pursuit, Warren is seen crossing in front of Officer Hunt’s patrol car on foot. Hunt can then be heard yelling, “You’re gunna get your ass shot, boy.”

The department launched an internal investigation into Officer Hunt’s conduct after her superiors heard the comment while watching the dash cam video as part of a use-of-force review. Details of the investigation were released to KIRO Radio last month under a public disclosure request. A second request was made for the in-car video, which the department provided on Friday.

Especially problematic for the department was Officer Hunt’s use of the word “boy,” which can be a derogatory way to refer to black men.

“I expressed deep concern about her word choice,” Seattle PD Sgt. George Davisson wrote in an internal memo. “I explained that regardless how she intended the comment to be taken or what she meant to say, this comment would undoubtedly be viewed in a negative context with police chasing a black male in the streets of Seattle.”

While being interviewed by investigators with the Seattle Police Department’s Office of Professional Accountability, Officer Hunt expressed regret over her word choice.

“She’s chasing somebody who just committed a domestic violence assault a couple blocks away, and I’m quite sure she wishes she would have chosen her words differently,” said Ron Smith, president of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild. “In fact, I have spoken to this officer and she is quite alarmed as to what she said at that time.”