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Socialists/Marxists/CDU unite for pro-Muslim immigration rally in Dresden

After weeks of mass marches against radical Islam in Dresden, the left held an “anti-PEGIDA rally” to show solidarity with Muslim immigrants.

The German media is claiming 35,000 people attended the “Gegen PEGIDA” rally. However, the German media always vastly exaggerates the numbers of the left and underestimates the numbers of the right. Pictures and video of the anti-PEGIDA rally appear far smaller than 35,000 people.

The Prime Minister of Saxony, CDU member Stanislaw Tillich, spoke at the rally. He expressed solidarity with Muslim immigrants. German Chancellor, CDU member Angela Merkel, denounced PEGIDA and expressed solidarity with Muslim immigrants during her New Year’s Eve address.

Dresden is the capitol city of the state of Saxony. The anti-immigration AfD controls 11% of the state parliament. The neo-conservative CDU controls 47%. The Socialist party controls 14%. Two far-left/Communist parties control the remaining 28%.

CDU betrayed conservatives and formed a coalition with the Socialist Party, instead of AfD, to maintain the status quo. Support for continued Muslim immigration by the CDU could spark mass defections from the CDU to AfD and other conservative parties.

PEGIDA is planning another march against the Islamization of Europe in Dresden on Monday.