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Somalian hacks two men to death in Finland

An asylum seeker from Somalia hacked two people to death with an axe in a pub in Finland last Wednesday.

It took place at Tuisku Pub in the Tuira area of Oulu.

Police engaged in a massive manhunt for the perpetrator. It ended with the perpetrator being shot and killed by police.

Finland has about 15,000 Somalians. There have been several acts of extreme violence committed by the Somalian population over the past few years.


Early on Thursday morning Oulu police announced in a press release that they had detained the suspected axeman at the centre of a huge manhunt after two people were killed on Wednesday evening.

During the operation he was shot, and he later died of his injuries.

The killings he was suspected of perpetrating took place in the Tuira district of the city, with the suspect apprehended at an apartment block in the Myllyoja area. Yle’s regional office spoke to eyewitnesses who said 15 armed police entered the building, before a loud bang and barking from police dogs were heard.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has now taken over the investigation, and as usual in cases where a suspect dies police actions will be evaluated by the prosecutor.

National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero said that police had acted properly during the operation, and only shot the suspect after he had attacked an officer with an axe.


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