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St. Paul police arrest well known gang leader for racial mob attacks

Are white pedestrians no longer in danger because police arrested one guy?

Following a rash of black on white hate crime style mob attacks, St. Paul police have arrested a well known gang leader.

St. Paul police have been several statements about the dramatic rise of mob attacks on white pedestrians. Now they are declaring the area safe after one arrest. Most likely they have been pressured by City Council, which is in turn pressured by the Chamber of Commerce. No city wants their downtown to be associated with racial mob violence. This drives away business. We have seen massive efforts to downplay black on white mob attacks in other areas, such as downtown Philadelphia.

It is probably safe to say that the mob attacks will not end because of one arrest. This claim is motivated by politics and business interests, not public safety.

Recent Attacks:
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Two Racially Motivated Mob Attacks in St. Paul, MN – Jan. 2015
Two white females attacked in racially motivated hate crimes in St. Paul, MN – Nov. 2014

Older Attacks:
Brutal hate crime mob attack on mother and daughter in St. Paul, MN – May 2013
“Flash mobs” terrorize Minneapolis and St. Paul – March 2012