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Syracuse Mayor appoints Nation of Islam leader to city school board

The Nation of Islam teaches that white people were created by an evil wizard and are biological “devils.” They say that a great race war is coming and that white people will be exterminated from North America, and later from the whole world.

Just a few weeks ago, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan green-lighted that race war at a speech in Maryland.

Mark Muhammad, 54, is a minister in the Nation of Islam [NOI]. He was appointed to the Syracuse School Board by Mayor Stephanie Miner. He is filling the remainder of Bill Bullen’s term, who resigned because he is moving out of state.

Miner is a far-left white Democrat. Her appointment of Muhammad would be like appointing a leader of the American Nazi Party. Miner says that Muhammad is qualified because he is an assistant professor at Onondaga Community College, and a part time professor at Syracuse University.

The Nation of Islam has coming to the forefront of the Black Power movement, as the movement becomes more and more radical. The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP recently chose the Philadelphia NOI leader as their own leader, essentially merging the two groups.

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