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Teenagers, aged 15 & 16, kill PA woman in racial hate crime

white-victimA Blair County woman was reported missing Saturday. Stephanie Waters, 21, and her pet dog were found dead in Water’s car one county over. Waters had been shot in the neck.

Police quickly arrested two perps, aged 15 and 16. Police sent local media outlets several pages of details about the crime and the perps. Every single media outlet, across the board, censored the race of the perps.

This webmaster found many photographs of the suspects on social media within minutes, why won’t the professional “mainstream” media do the same?

The answer is easy. Waters is a beautiful white female, and the perps are two black males. Huge numbers of media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime. The media is most desperate to censor or downplay crimes in which the victim is an an attractive woman. This admitted censorship puts the general public at greater risk of being a crime victim.

The area in which Stephanie was abducted and murdered is overwhelmingly white. Blair county is 1.7% black. The body was found in Bedford County, which is .5% black.

That fact that the area has so few blacks, makes the race of the perpetrators even more relevant. By censoring this information it puts the community at greater risk. The public needs to know who is committing crimes, so they can make the best decisions to avoid being a victim.

Waters allegedly came into contact with the black male perpetrators because her boyfriend was selling them marijuana. The boyfriend apparently left marijuana with Water’s for the pair. Police say that the perps just “wanted to shoot someone.” They thought it would be really fun to murder a beautiful young white woman.

Unfortunately, marijuana prohibition contributes to a lot of naive young whites putting themselves in danger over the substance. Another reason it is so important that the truth about race and crime be told.

Stephanie Waters is definitely not someone who appeared to be running around with gangbangers. Her photographs on Facebook depict a middle class looking woman with a circle of white middle class friends. Her active presence on Facebook contains no elements of “thug culture.” One reader told us that he could only find one black Facebook friend on her list of 300 friends. She lists her boyfriend as Benjamin Holslinger. He is Facebook friends with one of the suspects.