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The media can no longer censor black on white crime in 2015

Major media outlets openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime. The most aggressively censored news is black on white crime. However, the open access to records online has allowed activists to expose what the media was able to hide from the public for decades.

2014 saw incredible exposure of black on white violent hate crime. The media tried to fight back. They tried to downplay black on white hate crime violence as “a game” and a brand new phenomenon. It didn’t work. Websites like this one, have documentation of rampant black on white hate crime violence going back years. The media is constantly inventing new euphemisms for black on white hate crime violence. They are always claiming it is a “new thing.”

We’ve had “gang initiations,” then “happy slapping,” then “flash mob violence,” and now “the knockout game.” All are euphemisms for the exact same crime. Vicious, sometimes fatal, racially motivated multi-offender black on white hate crimes.

Over the past few years, major newspapers have actually attacked this website, and others, for forcing them to report on hate crime violence they had previously censored. One newspaper in Mississippi attacked/credited this website by name, on the front page, for forcing them to report a black on white gang rape of a twelve year old girl in a rural majority black Mississippi County. That was the Greenwood Commonwealth in August of 2012.

If a 12 year old black girl had been gang raped by whites in Mississippi, it would have been a major national news story. Since the races were reversed, it was not even reported in the local paper!

2012, 2013, and 2014 saw huge strides in bypassing the “mainstream” media on the issues of race and crimes.

In 2014, this website shattered all traffic records. One day in February of 2014, this website received 196k unique human visitors. This is verified by 3rd party independent analysis. On December 10th, 2014, we received 141k unique human visitors.

Because of heavy Facebook sharing, this website now receives major regular traffic in a large geographical area spanning from Southeast MS, up through Jackson, MS, then through Memphis, and Nashville, and into Bowling Green, KY. This is an area where the amount of traffic we receive far exceeds the population of the area in comparison to most of the rest of the country. This geographical spike has remained consistent for months and is driven by people in this region sharing the stories on Facebook. Sometimes the the geographical spike will expand north across Indiana, sometimes west across Oklahoma, or it sometimes spill into Northern Alabama or Southern Louisiana.

For New Year’s Eve we endeavored to tabulate as many black on white murders as we could for 2014. Because of the internet, the amount we were able to list shocked even us. We have 361 black on white murders so far for 2014.

Click here to see the entire list.

One white on black murder is a major national news story. Where is the outrage for the daily occurring black on white murders?

Present Tally: 361
Hold Up/Hate Crime/Thrill Kill: 173*
Pizza Shop: 5
Cab Driver: 6
Police Officers Killed: 9
Home Invasion: 61
Killed By A Friend: 20
Killed while providing charity: 2
Femicide: 50**
Femicide Related: 14***
Killed by boyfriend’s brother: 2
Killed by son/daughter: 2
Killed by female in-law: 1
Killed by foster child: 1
Killed by foster parents: 1
Criminal Vehicular Homicide: 13****

*Some victims may have been killed by someone they knew, but the media never reported the full details.

**There were numerous suspicious deaths of white females who died of drug overdoses while they were with black males. There is another case where a white female supposedly “shot herself playing Russian Roulette” with her black boyfriend. We only listed cases that were classified as murder by the authorities. We did not list cases in which a black male played an obvious role in the death, but the death was classified as accidental. There was one case of a white female being killed by a black female “ex-wife.” There are also numerous cases of a white female being shot by a black male while in the company of a black boyfriend. we did not count these as “femicide.” However, it seems that white females involved with black males are at a dramatically increased risk of being murdered by a black male in general.

***Femicide related refers to victims killed by the black boyfriend of relative or close friends. Many of these victims are young children of white females dating black males. Some are women who were attacked by the black boyfriend of a white female friend.

****We only listed cases of vehicular homicide in which the perp was committing serious crimes when they killed a victim. In several cases, the perp was fleeing from police. In two other cases, their is strong indication the perp did it on purpose.