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Two Racially Motivated Mob Attacks in St. Paul, MN

A groups of six black males, aged about 17-20, committed two racially motivated hate crime mob attack on January 19th. The attacks took place in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The victims are 23 year old Thomas Klein and a 59 year old named Dave.

The 59 year old victim walks with a cane. The black males pushed him down from behind and then broke his wrist by stomping on it. Klein says that when the perps approached him, some had their cellphone out and were recording.

Dave says he works with “homeless youths” and downplayed the attack. He described himself as a victim of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The six black males were all wearing red jackets. Police say they have some possible suspects. Since at least the early 90s, black street gangs have committed racially motivated violence as gang initiations. This is particularly common in the Midwestern United States.


One we missed.

Last November, a group of black male teenagers brutality beat an elderly white lady in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We just now found out about it. The suspects are aged 15 – 17.

  • Xavier Taylor, 17
  • Dayarizes Eugene Lockett, 17
  • Demetrion Payne, 15
  • Trevonte Bernard Evans, 15