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VICE News on HoGeSa

VICE News makes some of the best documentaries in the world. This is a brand new VICE News segment on Hooligans Against Salafism [HoGeSa].

HoGeSa is similar to the EDL in Britain. It is a single issue protest movement against the Islamization of Germany. Like the EDL, much of the participants are young males from Soccer Fan Clubs.

Since the dramatic success of [HoGeSa] in Cologne, more demonstrations have spread across Germany. In Dresden, 17,000 people protested the Islamization of Germany under the banner of PEDIGA.

In Cologne, HoGeSa is backed by Pro-North Rhine Westphalia [Pro-NRW], a populist anti-immigration party. The party has some elected officials in Cologne and the state of North Rhine Westphalia. Recently the leader of the party was the victim of an attempted assassination by Muslim Jihadists.

German Chancellor Merkel denounced PGIDA and endorsed Muslim immigration in her New Year’s Eve address. However, a recent poll showed that 29% of Germans are sympathetic to PEGIDA and 13% say they would participate in a march/rally if one was held in their city.