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Azealia Banks denounces “Gay, White Media”

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For black pop starts, there appears to be no repercussions for expressing racial hatred against other people. Azealia Banks is a major black female pop star. She is on the same label as Lady Gaga and Madonna.

When not performing, she spends much of her time insulting white people on twitter.

Recently she tweeted pictures of herself in what she called “White Face.” The white face costume is apparently being used in a new video called “Ice Princess.”

She denounced the media as being run by “Gay white people” who are “evil, ugly, and delusional.” Azealia Banks calls herself “Witch Hop” and also tweets about being a witch and having magical powers.

Lol u crackers wish I cared enough to be doing whiteface. I’m becoming the ICE PRINCESS YAAAAAAS. I use the word crAcker just as much as I use the word n*gger… Don’t get mad now… You lot are all so easily moved… DAMN… Yall really r hype. This is not white face this is my Ice Princess makeup. Calm tf down LOL… And sidebar.. When snoop did whiteface YALL all thought that sh*t was hilarious and funny right? #MISOGYNOIR at its finest!! – Azealia Banks