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“Baby whisperer” slapped on the wrist for crushing baby’s skull

In 2012, a two year old had his skull crushed while in the care of a professional babysitter known as the “baby whisperer.” To this day, she refuses to say what really happened. She entered an Alfred Plea and was slapped on the wrist with 180 days of house arrest.

The victim is still paralyzed and can not speak.

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From WLWT…

Marie Abraham came into court Thursday to be sentenced for felony child endangering. She took the unusual step of entering an Alford plea in the case, which states that she admits prosecutors could convict her.

It set the stage for a sentencing hearing that put the pain of her family, and the victim’s family on display.

Cole Arata was in the care of Marie Abraham back in May 2012, when she ran a daycare from her home.

Cole suffered severe head trauma that left him in the hospital for 144 days. His grandfather described his skull as “crushed.”

Now Cole is four years old, paralyzed, on a feeding tube and unable to speak.

The grandparents of Cole Arata spoke out in court. His grandfather, Steve Arata, said he wanted to give voice to Cole’s pain. Even as he testified, Arata acknowledged that they don’t fully know what happened to Cole and who is responsible.