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Barak Obama “remains proud” of cheating Chicago team.

An all black Chicago Little League team has been stripped of their national title for cheating. The team is called Jackie Robinson West and is supposed to represent the South Side of Chicago. However, the team was manufactured from the top performing black players from the entire metropolitan area. This violated the league rules.

The championship has now been awarded to a mostly white team from Nevada. Black Power activists are raging online, while Jesse Jackson is hinting at a lawsuit. Jesse Jackson admits they cheated, but excuses the cheating. He says it is “racist” to take their championship title away.

Teams are supposed to represent a very specific geographical area. Little League teams are not supposed to be pawns for racial politics either. Apparently the team was being make out to be a symbol of the Black Power movement even before the cheating was exposed.

Barak Obama himself specifically praised the team for being “the first all-black team” to win the title. Black Chicago political groups also fawned over their “all-black” champion team.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest delivered an official statement saying President Barack Obama “remains proud” of the team.