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BOMBSHELL! Turkish military directly aided al-Qaeda and ISIS in Northwestern Syria

al-Nusra Front fighters pose at Turkish border crossing.

al-Nusra Front fighters pose at Turkish border crossing.

Members of ISIS are being prosecuted in Turkey for an attack on Turkish security forces. Court documents in the case detail direct Turkish support for al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam.

Officially the US and Turkey are jointly sponsoring fighters from the Free Syria Army and the Syrian Revolutionary Front. Saudi Arabia is sponsoring fighters from the Islamic Front. Turkey has admitted to allowing FSA/SRF fighters to cross back and forth along it’s border with Western Syria. Turkey has militarized and sealed the Eastern border to along Kurdish territory.

The Kurdish YPG fighters, as well as the Syrian government, routinely accuse Turkey of providing direct military support for the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front.

Finally there is hard evidence. In both March and June of 2014, the Syrian army provided anti-aircraft support and artillery bombardments for an alliance of Jihadist groups fighting the Syrian army around Kasab. The documents, which include wiretap transcriptions, also show that Turkey provided weapons to Ansar al-Islam.

Ansar al-Islam is primarily made up of Kurdish Jihadists and has long ties to both al-Qaeda and ISIS. Ansar al-Islam was one of the main groups fighting US troops in Iraq. The most notorious incident was a suicide bomber in a mess hall that killed 22 US servicemen.

The Turkish Army backed assaults on Kasab were primarily carried out by al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra, and the Saudi Sponsored Islamic Front. The Jihadist assault also included Sham el Islam, which was established by a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, and al-Qaeda/ISIS linked Ansar al-Islam.

Turkey allowed al-Nusra and others to use multiple border crossings freely.

Opposition parties in Turkey are expressing outrage over the information.

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