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CBC to boycott Netanyahu speech in Congress

It’s official, the Democrat party is official backing Netanyahu’s left-wing “two state solution” rivals in the upcoming Israeli election. Top officials from the Obama campaign are in Israel right now leading the charge against Netanyahu. Obama recently refused to meet with Netanyahu. Now the Congressional Black Caucus is calling for a boycott of the Netanyahu’s speech.

Republican invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress on March 3rd.

The Israel foreign lobby was once seen as a united front. Now it is split down the middle. The powerful J Street doles out money, only to left-wing Democrats, and supports a two state solution. Young leftists, including many Jews, denounce Israel as the new “Apartheid State.” Many black and Latino activist openly identify with the Palestinians.

The leaders of the CBC are calling Netanyahu’s planned speech before Congress “disrespectful to Obama” and “an insult.” At least ten members of the CBC say they are skipping the speech to show solidarity with Obama.

Israeli elections are March 17th, 2015.

The latest Likud political commercial suggests ISIS will move on Jerusalem if the Israeli left wins the election. A Jordanian rap group is threatening to sue Netanyahu for using their music in this video without permission.