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Channel 4 to air mockumentary claiming society will implode under UKIP

The second largest broadcast network in Britain aired a big budget mockumentary aimed at scaring the public into not voting for UKIP. It depicts economic collapse and race riots during the first three month of a UKIP run government.

This is possibly the single biggest effort a major broadcast network in Europe gone to to try to thwart a non-establishment party. This amounts to a total full scale war against UKIP by Channel 4.

Radical left-wing website are hyping the mockumentary as factual and true, even though it doesn’t even air till tomorrow.

An aid to UKIP leader Nigel Farage responded to the muckumentary…

‘This is typical of the poppycock peddled by the public-school educated Lefties who run Channel 4 and large chunks of the media. The idea that this is what would happen is simply preposterous, but it shows that we have got the liberal establishment quaking. Bring it on, we say, because this sort of thing simply serves to boost our ratings.”