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Could France become the defender of Western Civilization?

France is now 15% non-European. More non-European immigrants arrive daily. A quarter of all babies born in France have at least one parent who was born outside of Europe. The majority of these are Muslim.

While France is seeing the dramatic rise of Islamic extremism, it is also seeing a massive political change among ethnic French. Marine Le Pen, of the Front National, is now polling first place in the French presidential election. She is running on a campaign of stopping non-European immigrant and protecting the national character of France.

A new poll shows Le Pen at 29% in the first round. In round two she is polling 45% against potential Socialist incumbent Hollande and 40% against potential UMP candidate Sarkozy. This means that Le Pen is polling well over 50% among ethnic French against Hollande.

The UMP is classified as “center-right” by the French media, but is really just centrist at best. Sarkozy won the presidency for the UMP in 2007. He campaign as right-wing on immigration, but ruled as center-left.

If the UMP candidate comes in 3rd place, they will be under intense pressure by the French media to back the Socialist over the Front National. If they do, the UMP could become irrelevant and disintegrate. The middle could fall out and French politics will be polarized between Socialists and National Front.

In the 2014 EU parliamentary elections, Front National came in first place in France. Front National holds 23 of France’s 74 seats. UMP took 20 seats and the Socialist took 12. Communists and Greens took another 11 seats. Too other Centrist Parties took 7 seats. A conservative startup took 1 seat.