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Deep-Six: Media still refusing to admit celebrated “NAACP bombing” was a hoax

NAACP boss Henry Allen Jr. falsely claimed that a pre-existing black stain was “bomb damage.” After giving the black stain national media coverage, no media outlet has ever reported that it was a hoax.

To see a full account of the “NAACP Bombing” hoax, click here.

On the morning of January 6th, a homemade firecracker allegedly exploded outside of a barbershop in Colorado Springs, CO. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that a suspicious “loud boom” had occurred. On the other side of the barbershop is a small office for the NAACP.

Local NAACP chief Henry Allen Jr. then claimed that the NAACP headquarters had been the possible target of a bombing. He showed the media a black stain, on the wall of the barbershop, and claimed it was “bomb damage.” The Colorado Spring Gazette then doctored up their website. The suspicious “loud boom” was transformed into a bombing attempt on the NAACP. Instantly it was a national news story.

Then, it was discovered that the black stain “bomb damage” appeared on Google Street Photos that were four months old. Suddenly the story vanished without a trace. Not a single media outlet that hyped the “bombing” has ever published the photographic evidence that the “bomb damage” was a hoax. Nothing ever came from a massive law enforcement investigation that involved FBI, ATF, and local police.

To this day, the media is simply ignoring the story and hoping that the public goes away believing that it really happened. Big name conservative columnist reported on the hoax on January 30th. Michelle Malkin and this website appear to be the biggest media entities fighting the hoax. This webmaster was a guest on a major South Carolina talk radio station to expose the hoax.

From Michelle Malkin…

From the liberal media’s coverage of my beautiful adopted hometown, you’d think we live in a KKK-infested hotbed where every person of color fears for his or her life.

Take a look at these ominous headlines:

“Bombing of NAACP headquarters harkens to bad old days” – MSNBC

“Colorado Springs explosion recalls violence against NAACP” – The Washington Post

“NAACP Bombing Evokes Memories of Civil Rights Strife” – Time magazine

“Explosion outside NAACP office could be a hate crime, officials say” – Los Angeles Times

Let me and my brown skin assure you, America: Bull Connor is not running loose on our streets. Water fountains here in the Rocky Mountain West are segregated by height, not race. The only bonfires I know of are being set outside by local residents roasting s’mores.

Never one to let reality intrude on a ripe race hustle, Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claimed last week that the so-called NAACP bombing “undermines years of progress” and now “demands federal review” of the case. Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who clearly missed the thousands of local, state, national and international newspaper, magazine, web and cable news stories on the incident, lamented: “It reminds me of another period. These stories cannot be swept under the rug.” Professional agitator and social justice detective Shaun King, based in Ferguson, Mo., accused a phantom “domestic terrorist” of perpetrating the alleged crime. CNN immediately blared an apocalyptic headline about my town that invoked “domestic terrorism” (this from the feckless news channel that pixelates Mohammed cartoons and whitewashes proven jihadi terrorism). And the national president of the NAACP is now headed out here for a visit this weekend.

But the so-called “NAACP bombing” … isn’t. There is simply no evidence yet to label it as such. The FBI reported in a press conference: “We don’t know who was targeted.” One top local law enforcement source told me this week that, in his years of experience, “this in no way looks like anything that can be called ‘targeted.’” The case could just as fairly be called “The Barbershop Bang” as “The NAACP Bombing.”

The most incendiary act I’ve witnessed so far came from inflammatory MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes, who “reported” on the “extensive damage” of the “bombing” by fraudulently passing off a photo of a bombed-out kebab shop in France as a photo of the “NAACP bombing.

While racial opportunists rush to invoke Jim Crow and incite panic for political gain, doubts and unanswered questions about the incident are piling up.