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Denver man brutally maimed in hate crime mob attack


Dusten Fischer, a white Denver man, was beaten and stabbed by two Latino men. He was nearly killed and remains in critical condition.

Doctors say the victim will probably lose the use of his left arm. Mario Lopez-Ramirez, 24, and Francisco Herrera, 23,have been arrested. Fischer was in Lower Downtown Denver when the two Latino men confronted him and then brutally stabbed and slashed him.

The media is downplaying the attack. The local Fox station called it “a scuffle.” The local CBS station called it “an argument.” If the races had been reversed, the treatment of the attack by the media would be vastly different. The same media outlets would be calling it a “racially motivated attempted murder.”

From the Fischer family GoFundMe Page…

In the early hours of the morning on February the 8th 2015 Dusten was brutally attacked in the downtown area of Denver. Dusten was stabbed approximately 9 times in addition to the stab wounds he also sustained numerous lacerations on his back. He will be in intensive care for at least a week and may have to stay in the hospital for longer. Once released he is going to have a long road ahead of him to recovery. The timing of all this could not have been worse as Dusten and Ashleigh are expecting their first child together in two weeks. Their baby boy “Brantley” is due on the 19th of February. It is unknown as of now how long Dusten will be out of work. He doesn’t have any sort of disability insurance and with the pending birth of their son, Dusten and Ashleigh are going to need as much financial help as they can get.

This is is where we reach out to you, their friends and family for support. Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t know them, but their story touches your heart.

Thanks for all of the love and support during this difficult time.