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Egypt is now bombing a group armed and backed by Obama

2011: US backed and armed LIFG. 2015: Now an official ISIS affiliate.

by Kyle Rogers

In 2011, Barak Obama launched a war to help Sunni Jihadists fighting Libyan dictator Gaddafi.

The dominant group that was fighting Gaddafi was the Libyan Islamic Fighter Group [LIFG], which included known veterans Jihadists that fought US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gaddafi declared war on the LIFG shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. The US, NATO, and the UN all listed LIFG as an illegal terrorist group.

The London Telegraph reported that LIFG had direct ties to al-Qaeda and many veteran al-Qaeda fighters. Leaders of LIFG even bragged to British media that members of LIFG had fought US troops in Iraq.

The USA provided weapons and air support to the LIFG.

LIFG leader Adelhakim Belhadj became the commander of the US backed Tripoli Military Council. Belhadj was a former prisoner of the CIA. He went to Afghanistan too fight with the Taliban in 2002. In 2004 he was captured by the CIA in Malaysia and turned over to Libya. He was held in prison in Libya for seven years.

LIFG was part of the official US backed National Transition Council [NTC] of Libya. After NTC was dissolved, LIFG re-branded as Libya Shield Force. The purpose of this group was to impose Sharia law in Libya.

Soon Libya Shield Force was at war with the Libyan government. In 2014, former LIFG fighters in Derna re-branded themselves as an official ISIS affiliate and took over the city. Derna had been a major stronghold of the LIFG in the fight against Gaddafi. The ISIS affiliate is spreading and will likely absorb thousands of other US backed fighters as it expands.

Derna is also the location of the first military victory ever achieved by the United States on foreign soil. 500 US Marines defeated many thousands of Muslim pirates in Derna in 1803.

Ironically, the current Egyptian government, which was opposed by Obama, is now bombing an ISIS affiliate that was armed and backed by Obama.

The Obama administration backed a coup in Egypt leading to a short lived Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship under Morsi. There has now been a second coup, which the Obama administration opposed, to replace the Muslim Brotherhood with a secular regime. Hillary Clinton declared that the Muslim Brotherhood was “committed to Democracy” in Egypt. Even while the Department she ran was prosecuting US citizens for donating money to the Muslim Brotherhood at the exact same time.

The current Egyptian regime has imprisoned 1,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Criminal cases in Egypt have named Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton as Muslim Brotherhood co-conspirators. Nagla Mahmoud, the wife of Morsi, has threatened to publish personal letters from Hillary Clinton. Morsi lived in the United States with his wife Naglaa in the early 80s while he attended graduate school in the USA.